If you live your dream/s there are no problems

That sentence told mea Portuguese guy in Setubal/ Portugal  … wise/ nice words



Sunset at the bay in mmh Imsouane


Nighttime in Asfy


Departure from Morocco with Davids huge truck


It`s time for ladybird soup…they where uncountable…when we got into the truck to drive on there were a lot of them inside the drivers cabin…


Again Imsouane


The same beach from the picture above just from the opposite side and with less light


Imsouane bay


In Lalla Fatna close to Asfy with Maehdi and Yacine (from him i got a used wetsuit which I somehow lost a few weeks ago. Nothing lasts forever…


Morocco – Strait of Gibraltar – On the way to the ferry to Spain – Fabian on the way back to the truck


Spain on the other side of the Strait – no problem to cross it if you are having the right nationality…. I felt kind of ashamed sometimes that it is no problem to visit Morocco or Turkey for me as a German citizen. If you are from one of the mentioned countries and you want to visit Europe it is quite humiliating to reach that. You have to hand the administration a lot of papers to get a visa.  Barbaros from Warmshowers who hosted me in Denizli  close to Pamukkale – told me that he got a visa for Germany just for a week…that hospitality is not worth to mention. I visited Turkey for 90 days without doing more than crossing the boarder. Another story from Levant who wanted to visit Great Britain. He was applying for a visa to visit his sister there. The guy from the British embassy asked him what the reason for his visit is. He explained that his sister lives in England and he wants to visit her. The insensitive guy said „No that is not an answer to my question“… without words. Levant told me that he is not thinking about visiting again Europe.


I think that the sand blown around on the picture killed the zoom of my camera…grrr but I like the picture.


In Spanien- Ein Strandgeschaeft


In the south of Spain – maybe close to Cadiz… Je ne sais pas


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Vielleicht schreib ich später was über mich.

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